Churchill Travel Humidor

The Individual Carrying Equipment (ICE) Pac, patent pending, is a portable humidor designed for the traveling Cigar Enthusiast.  The 760 Churchill model was designed as the big brother to the 656 Robusto to fit on golf bag, golf cart or the back of your truck to tailgate at your favorite football team outing. Its magnetic design will have you finding ways to stick your cigar bag somewhere close and in sight while you enjoy a nice cigar and a glass of your favorite drink. The portable lightweight design provides ample space that holds up to four 60 ring gauge cigars or smaller, a cigar cutter, lighter, Boveda humidor pac, and cell phone. It's water resistant with a water resistant zipper, a sealable gear pouch for your lighter, matches and cigar cutter making this one of the most versatile travel humidors in the world. 

The gear pouch inside the ICE Pac is the first in a series of the functional snap and go features that allow you to simple velcro your gear pouch to the inside of your humidor, completely sealed to protect against leakage of butane on your cigars.  It's also a handy pouch to hang on the outside of the ICE Pac while enjoying a good smoke. Look for more snap and go features in the near future as we continue to innovate and provide the swiss army knife of cigar bags.

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